Fall 2018 Premium Consignment Window

We're excited to tell you about a special consignment program for premium boutique consignors!
It’s called the Premium Consignment Window.  Consign premium items from the brand list below during a special consignment window and you'll earn 70% of the net selling price!
The Fall 2018 window is now through August 15, 2018.   
These are the "brands in demand" by our customers that are included in the Spring 2018 window.  
    • Matilda Jane
    • Mustard Pie
    • Giggle Moon
    • Eleanor Rose
    • Sweet Honey
    • Well Dress Wolf
    • Livie and Luca
    • MiniMelissa
    • Joyfully
Of course, the items must be in pristine condition.  If they pass inspection, we'll price them using a special premium price code so long as you get them in before August 15, 2018.  Then when they sell you have the opportunity to earn 70% of the net selling price! 
Normal consignment guidelines apply.  You can see those here.


Which of my items would qualify for the premium price code?
Items in pristine condition, from the brand list above, consigned with us prior to August 15, 2018.
When can I bring my items in?
Just bring them in during normal intake hours which are 9am-3pm Mon-Fri and Saturday by appointment.
What if I've already consigned my items with you?
No worries!  We will automatically assign you a premium price code for items that meet the above criteria brought in prior to the Premium Consignment Window.  Thank you by the way for consigning with us.  XO
Does it matter what kind of shape they are in?
Absolutely.  Our customers are looking for these brands in pristine condition, even new with tags if you have them.  They must pass our intake criteria.
What about other boutique brands?
Bring them in!  They will sell well and you'll do well.  Only the brands listed above will qualify for the premium price code.
Will my items remain under the premium price code after the February 15 window closes?
Sure will.  They will remain on the premium code during the entire consignment period...even after August 15, 2018.
So why would I want to do this?
Well, you can make out like a bandit!  You don't have to mess with posting, pricing, tagging, meeting and all the othering things that can take so much of your precious time!  We take care of all that for you!  That and making good money.  How's that for starters?
What should I do with all the money I can make?
Great question.  Of course, you can always use your store credit at The Adorable Child and Beyond Adorable!  It's sorta fun to buy a bunch of stuff without paying cash for it!  But your possibilities are endless!  It's your money! :)
Why are you doing this?
These brands are in demand by our customers.  So it just makes sense to help them by increasing our selection in this way.
The Adorable Child and Beyond Adorable...boutique consignment that is convenient, profitable and smart!