June 23, 2021

The racks are going in and the inventory is arriving! We think you're gonna love the layout of the store and the shopping experience. 


Four new spacious dressing rooms in a convenient location in the back of the store...each with a full length mirror!


Our processing center is ready for an influx of new and returning consignors. And yes...we will have quite a ladder for this closet!  btw...we WILL begin accepting consignments at our new location beginning Monday, June 28, 2021!


We'll be introducing the "Shoe Fence" corralling literally thousands of pairs of the best brand shoes! 


Seriously, y'all. We cannot wait for you to see our new digs.  Make sure July 8th is on your calendar!!  See you soon.




June 9, 2021

A part of our store expansion involves the change in our Beyond Adorable brand to something even bigger and better across multiple generations. We announced today that effective with our grand opening, Beyond Adorable will become NextYZ - offer trendy consignments for Gen X, Gen Y and Gen Z.  




June 4, 2021

We have now begun shipping inventory to Village Green!

A few punchlist items remain, then the monthlong push to install the fixtures, put out the Fall Debut items, and get the space ready for our July 8 Grand Opening!!


May 21, 2021

We are inching closer to taking possession of the space! Then we'll begin populating it with amazing amounts of the best brands for our Fall Debut and Grand Opening on July 8, 2021!

Next week we begin adding wall fixtures, trim, and final punch list items. After that come new racks, and a slow parade of inventory each day. 

Of course our present location is in full swing with end of season deals happening now!  Our last day in that location will be June 30, 2021.  Be sure to come by and have a few last looks at where it all began. We'd love to see you!!

More to come!




April 30, 2021

Grinding up the old tile and prepping the concrete for a beautiful new chocolate finished concrete.  Ceiling tiles being stripped out making way for new modern LED light fixtures. Progress slowly but surely!  



April 17, 2021

A few "before pictures" of the new space in Village Green. It'll be quite a space to fill!


And then from this morning, demolition of the old restrooms, ceiling, floor and other areas is underway after a two week delay. First sign of progress...


 As with most things, before the new can be built, the old must often be torn down. 


April 9, 2021

We've had a slight delay in starting the renovations, and already we're getting antsy. 

Know that feeling? It's almost like waiting for the day to come when you get to go on vacation, or a holiday break, or...well...dinner! lol

But we shouldn't have to wait much longer. We are looking now for our construction team to start work next week. (We'll keep you posted on that!).


You should see the plans that had to be put together just for renovating this space to bring it up to code and provide you with the safest, most comfortable shopping environment possible.  Here's just a screenshot of one of several pages in our blueprint set.  


Stroller Friendly!

Here's something many of our customers will like. Our new store will now be on one level. No steps to navigate like in our "grandfathered" space we'll leave behind. That should make strollers and handicap access much easier.  


Shopping Carts!

Plus...we also plan to have Shopping Carts!!  With wheels even! 

I mean...ever tried to push one without wheels?  Or that wobbly dragging wheel that seems to always be the cart you pick at the grocery store?  

We're gonna have nice little hand-dandy carts similar to these.  All with the idea of making shopping easier and even more enjoyable during your visit.



Thanks to reporter and customer Michelle Hollenhead for her nice article on our move in the Farragut Press.  You can see the article by going here.

 More to come!! 



March 31, 2021

We're gonna need help! We're also expanding our team!

One of the things required as we prepare for our move into a much larger space is staffing up to handle the extra capacity.  We are looking for several kinds of team members. 

For one, we need people who have a bent towards people and sales, and who enjoy interacting with the public and serving their needs and requests.  If this is you, send us an email at info@theadorablechild.com and we'll tell you how to apply for a position. 

Then we also need people who are good with tasks and getting things done. These team members will focus on processing the thousands of items we move through the store every week. We want to hear from you! Email us at info@theadorablechild.com.

Sometimes those are found in one and the same person, which makes you a particularly good fit for our team!  Either way, please let us know if you, or anyone you know, might be interested by emailing us at info@theadorablechild.com.



March 26, 2021

We do have the building permit in hand from the Town of Farragut. That is no small feat! Congratulations to our architect - Allan Associates Architects - for handling the planning in such a professional manner! 

We are finding that the cost of building - both labor and materials - has increased over the past year.  Not exactly surprised. But still, there is a little bit of sticker shock involved.

It's been fun to see the response to our moving announcement. Good news can travel fast! 


March 24, 2021

We have a pretty big announcement to make!

We are moving across the street to the old Tuesday Morning space in the Village Green shopping center. In doing so we are doubling the space we have to provide the best quality consignments anywhere in the area.

We are going to use this page to keep you abreast of our progress. We are hoping to have our Grand Opening around the time we normally have our Fall Debut in July.  

Between now and then there is lots to do!  But first we wanted to let you in on our good news, and invite you to walk along with us while we get things ready for you in our new space.  We plan to update this page regularly with our construction progress.

More to come!