Consigned items must be in compliance with our consignment guidelines as this represents what our customers will buy.  Buyer preferences must be our selection guidelines. Sometimes there will be items we cannot sell. 

We base prices on supply and demand within our market. We will get the best possible prices for you. A small item fee will be added to the selling price of most items and is paid by the buyer, not by you the consignor. The price may at times be discounted to encourage the sale of your items.

For those items you sell, you can be paid in either cash or store credit. There is a 10-day clearing period between the time of sale and availability of cash payouts. Store credit is available immediately.

Consignor Split | Net Selling Price or Program

70% | Premium Consignment Window & Smoky Mountain Matilda Jane Event

60% | $100 and above

50% | $20 - $99.99

40% | Up to $19.99

The consignment period is 60 days or until the end of the regular consignment season whichever comes first. The Spring/Summer season ends May 31st. The Fall/Winter season ends December 31st. Only unsold items priced over $10.00 may be retrieved at the end of the regular consignment season. A $1 per item retrieval fee will be assessed. Items that are not picked up by the end of your consignment period become the property of the store to liquidate or dispose of as it sees fit.

We donate unsold items to local charitable organizations who distribute them to those much less fortunate than us. Tax receipts are available upon request.

Items that are not in compliance with the consignment guidelines are subject to sorting or assembly fees of up to $10 per tote or basket required to process and ready them for sale.

Off-brands may occasionally be accepted to increase your overall earnings potential but will earn 10% less per item than mainstream brands due to local pricing and buyer demand.

Consignment accounts that go dormant after a year will forfeit any remaining balances. Checks in excess of $250 require photo id and management approval to be issued. A $1 check fee is charged for payable-on-demand checks.

From time to time our consignment guidelines may change. You can always see the latest by going to

Please note that items are left at your own risk. Damage or loss is rare but can happen.

To accept this agreement complete all required information.

Thank you for being our partner in consigning!