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On a daily basis, it's amazing to see the customer's and consignor's that come to our store or visit us online. But, there's a hidden truth behind what you see everyday. Our goal as a small business is not only to love on every customer that comes through the door or our online portal, but also to love our employees like family. We are a team and without each other, the daily tasks could not be accomplished. From greeting our customers, to taking care of the full consigning process (sorting, pricing, tagging, hanging, storing, posting online, selling...etc.), creating a warm-welcoming atmosphere for the store, keeping connected on social media, and helping our customers in every way - we would be nothing without them. Our team consists of thirteen unique individuals that play a special part in The Adorable Child. By ourselves we can accomplish little, but together we can accomplish so much. 

August 22, 2018 — Audrey Aguirre
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Brands Not Accepted

The Adorable Child sells the best brands for our customers. Therefore, we cannot accept all brands. Check out his blog post to see the common brands we do not accept.
August 16, 2018 — Sydney Lambert